About Us

LEARN IT is a social platform for sharing and growing the world’s knowledge through questions and answers.

This is a platform where people:

* Ask questions and get relevant answers.
* Answer questions and share their knowledge with other people.
* Create educational posts.
* Access all posts and read them freely.
* Follow categories and other users to browse better content.
* Share the content with others through different media.
* Upload or Download different educational documents.
* Gain a reputation with their questions and answers by receiving badges that appear on their profiles.

As LEARN IT was designed for Teachers, it is a place where:

All Rwandan teachers can be found.
All teachers can share their knowledge and skills.
Every teacher can find educational resources.
Every teacher can wish to be to improve his/her teaching and enhance the quality of education.
All the people may consider as a source of knowledge and a learning site.
Everyone can ask questions to get answers from intellectual people.
Every teacher increases his/her knowledge and skills without leaving his/her place.
Everyone can get a reputation due to his/her participation.

By connecting all Rwandan teachers to the same platform where they can share their knowledge and skills in order to continue improving their teaching and enhancing quality education; we will be executing our mission of sharing and growing knowledge. We will be making a big impact on the world.